Rashi Aqua has an experience in manufacturing &supplying customized solutions for the industrial softening, filtration, iron removal and sterilization, for water flow rates in a range of 1-300m3/h. Softening can be achieved by means of water softeners filled with resins. Softeners can be supplied both in single and duplex configuration, with timer/volume based regeneration sequence. Filtration can be achieved by means of sand and carbon filters,

Industrial Softeners

Water represents the raw material in the most part of the industrial processes. The raw water is usually fed from the public network or from water wells. The raw water contains some ions, like calcium and magnesium, that determine the hardness and are responsible of scaling in the hydraulic circuits. At temperatures higher than 40°C,calcium and magnesium deposits can build up in pipes, reducing flow to taps and appliances. In water heaters, these minerals generate a scale build-up that reduces the efficiency and life of the heaters and boilers. Another effect of hard water is

that soaps and detergents lose some effectiveness. Instead of dissolving completely, soap combines with the minerals to form a coagulated soap curd.

Because less soap is dissolved, more is required. The soap curd can keep dirt trapped in the fibers, and it can stiffen and roughen the fabric. It is evident that a raw water conditioning will give strong advantages in the process managements of the industrial laundries. Water conditioning can be done by ion exchange softeners. iron removal filters, self-cleaning filters, cartridge. filters.

Cartridge Filters

  • Sediments filters, installed to reduce the amount of sediments transported by the fluid trough filtration;
  • Are preferable for systems with contaminations lower than 80-100 ppm;
  • Cartridge filters can be used a “second stage” filtration downstream the sand filtration (for example in the pre-treatment of reverse osmosis plants), where a more accurate filtration is required;
  • Cartridge filter can be surface or depth-type filter: depth-type filters capture particles and contaminant through the total thickness of the medium, while in surface filters

(that are usually made of thin materials like papers, woven wire, cloths) particles are blocked on the surface of the filter. Surface filters are best if filtering sediment of similar-sized particles shall be achieved. If all particles are, for example, five micron, a pleated 5-micron filter works best because it has more surface area than other filters. Compared with pleated surface filters, depth filters have a limited surface area, but they have the advantage of depth. It can be generally stated that if the size of filter surface is increased, higher flows are possible, the filter last longer, and the dirt holding capacity increases. Cartridge filters are normally designed disposable: this means that they have to be replaced when the filter is clogged.

UV Sterilization

The simplest way to disinfect water is to expose it to ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT. THE LIGHT OF THE SUN. ULTRAVIOLET  is invisible radiation within a   range of the solar spectrum. Such radiations may be divided into two different bands :

  • LONG WAVE: or infrared energy such as heat.
  • SHORT WAVE: such as invisible ultraviolet. Appropriated Ultraviolet wavelength is GERMICIDAL, it destroys BACTERIA, MOLDS, YEASTS AND VIRUSES Disinfection of water using ultraviolet light (UV) is a proven technology.

This safe and effective physical disinfectant is suitable for both large and small applications.

Ultraviolet light, better known as UV, is one energy region of the electromagnetic spectrum. In this spectrum UV lies between visible light and X-rays.

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