MBBR Sewage Treatment Plant

Rashi Aqua has a relevant expertise in the field of mbbr sewage treatment plant, whatever the pollutant present in the water is, even with high COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) levels.

The moving bed biofilm reactor (mbbr) implies a process to purify wastewater not so different from an activated sludge system. The process is suitable for organic removal, nitrification, denitrification and detoxifi-cation.


  • Firstly, the wastewater goes through the reaction tank, while the media retention screen keeps the biofilm carriers inside the tank;
  • Then the air blowers pumps process air in the tank to keep the raw sewage well-mixed; the amount of dissolved oxygen is controlled by an auto measurement sensor;
  • The bioreactors are kept floating by air, in order to provide oxygen to the biofilms and to obtain an high biodegradation efficiency and the best result in the whole wastewater treatment process.

Advantages of MBBR

Ambbr sewage treatment plant presents a good number of advantages when compared to an activated sludge system or a trickling filter, including:

  • It doesn’t need the presence of an operator if the load changes;
  • It produces less sludge;
  • It does not easily suffer from toxic shock
  • Absence of a sludge return line;
  • High reliability and easy to use;
  • Smaller footprint.

Several models are available with different capacities, depending on the equivalent inhabitants (ranging from 70 to 500) whose wastewater requires processing: the use of high quality biofilm carriers in our mbbr treatment plant guarantees a significant drop in the levels of COD (<100 ppm) and BOD5 (<20 ppm) in the effluent water.

Packaged MBR & activated sludge plants, for Sewage Wastewater Treatment

Our packaged units for sewage water treatment are based on the traditional activated sludge process with extended aeration or on the newest and “state of the art” technology of membrane bioreactor.

The packaged activated sludge biological treatment plant represents the best solution for single users or small communities. The compact construction allows the installation in parallel of two or more units, allowing to treat a huge volume of raw wastewater. All the packages are pre engineered and pre-assembled in order to minimize the installation costs.

When water re-use (zero discharge) is required, the membrane based technology (membrane bioreactor) is supplied instead of traditional technology based on standard sedimentation. The activated sludge biological treatment plant process involves the biological oxidation of the waste water with air and sludge recycle. The effluent is oxidized by means of an extended air injection in order to obtain the total oxidation of the biological components. The sedimen-tation chamber separates the sludge from the clarified water, which is collected to a chlorination chamber.

Our packaged units are completely manufactured in industrial grade painted carbon steel. The submerged type aeration system guarantees a long plant lifetime.

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